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Hi guys!  It's getting coooold over here, how about by you?

So I've been getting ready to move in with my in-laws for a little while to have my baby.  (I live with my husband in Japan right now; it's customary for a woman to move back to her own parents' home for a few months before and after giving birth, but since mine are in the States I have to stay with the in-laws.  It'll be fun, I get along with them.)  Anyhoo, I'll be heading over to rural Kyoto at the beginning of December and staying there until ... well I am not sure quite when, it depends on when my baby decides to be born, plus how I am feeling, plus my husband's work schedule.  I'm pretty flexible, so it's all good!  But my guess is, mid-or-end of January.  Mom-in-law wants me to stay later, I think she wants to steal my baby, lol.

I WILL have internet, but no scanner and no Photoshop for sure.  I might have my Wacom tablet, I might have SAI ... but I am going to use my husband's laptop, and that thing is from 2007 and is sloooow, so probably I'll be watercolor painting just like I should be for that time.  Which is too bad cuz I just got SAI and barely can use it.

However, I am working super hard right now, toning pages for my new project, Espenville.  I am determined to launch it on January first, and already have about a month's worth of pages ready to update with.  Also I am setting up the website and also working it so that I can update with my Galaxy (they have a Wordpress app and all, so I am going to take advantage of that).  Now you know why I have not posted too much art - between setting up a website, drawing/scanning/toning enough pages to get me through January, NaNoWriMo, packing, buying baby stuff, and all the eating/napping that being 9 months pregnant seems to require, this November has been pretty busy!  But fun, very fun and oddly memorable.

You all may have noticed that I have not updated Four Kingdoms in a while.  I've just not had time to work on it.  Updates on that will resume next year.  Sorry, I just had to kind of give it up temporarily.  The beginning of the story is kind of slow, but I like Chapter 2 on ... which sadly I have not gotten to posting, but anyway, regular updates to that is getting thrown into my big lump of New Years Resolutions.  

Anyway, I'm only weeks away from having this baby!  We are just so excited for her, we've already picked names and everything.  YAY!

How about you all, have any good end-of-the-year plans?
avitalspark Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh geez, you've been so so busy during nanowrimo (*feels like a complete slacker*)! good luck with everything and i'm so excited for you and your family about your baby C: i hope everything goes as well as it can and that it's an awesome few months with your in-laws ccc:

also good luck with the rest of nanowrimo! i'm a bit behind because of the holidays, but i'm planning on chaining myself to my computer until i've finished @3@''''
spiderlady Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
Well, I had the good luck of maternity leave coinciding perfectly with the month of November, too...
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